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Line for servo press

Special feeding line to feed electrical press (servo press) (servo pressa) that can workthicknesses from 0,5 mm up to 12 mm and different type of material such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum.  
This kind of plant as great versatility and it is completely automatic. Decoiler 20 ton. width: 1500 mm. Thicknesses: from 0,5 up to 12 mm. Materials: aluminum, stainless steel.
Straightener with automatic system for rolls change, for different strip thicknesses, automatic cleaning system of the rolls. 2 feeders with automatic change for differen tmaterial types.

Special plant for servo press

Special plant for servo press

Min width: 500 mm – Max width: 1500 mm
min. Thickness: 0,5 mm – max thickness : 12 mm
Special line

Special line

Min. width: 500 mm – max width: 1850 mm
min thickness: 1 mm – max thickness: 12 mm
1850 x 4 mm Re 400 N/mm2 – 1850 x 2 mm Re 600 N/mm2 700 x 8 mm Re 600 N/mm2 – 278 x 12 mm Re 600 N/mm2
Compact feeding line for Servopressa

Compact feeding line for Servopressa

Strip width: 1500 mm Strip Thickness: 4 mm


Straightener-feeder unit with electronic pilot release, that can reach 110 strokes/min. with a step of 300mm. With this type of machine, you can pour the energy into the network, the same used also for accelerate or break down the entire system. With this straightener you can decrease your consumptions of 30% – 40% compared to traditional machine types (hydraulic, mechanic, etc.). The range goes from a min. width of 200 mm to a max of 2.000 mm. For the tuning od this straightener-feeder unit, we have been working with our end user. With its precious contribution, we have built some test models until we get to the definitive configuration.

New high performance straightener-feeder unit

New high performance straightener-feeder unit

Min width: 200 mm – Max width: 2000 mm

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